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Forex trading is considered a very intricate and complicated procedure. A number of factors are in direct connection with the Forex market as they may greatly influence currency prices.

Each economic or political change tends to cause currency fluctuations and therefor raise the level of risk management.

Fotolia_16725170_Subscription_XXLThe three main features which are of great help for traders to make suppositions on future market state are  technical analysis,fundamental analysis,  and sentiment analysis.



Technical analysis is based on the study of price movements. As compared with fundamental analysis this kind of Forex analysis keeps an eye on the historical price movements. Its main aim is to forecast future price movements by means of mathematical analysis of past price actions. The accumulated data serve as a basis of determining current market conditions and make predictions on further price changes. Currency prices tend to move in the same direction for periods of time as prices move in trends.  Besides, market history repeats itself, suggesting that currency prices are likely to respond in direction and manner similar to that of in the past.

This is often realized by help of charts which give opportunity to make use of market patterns, trend data and technical indicators. They also provide a visual representation of price and volume levels making it possible for traders to determine further currency movements.

Fundamental analysis forms the kind of Forex analysis which is based on such aspects associal, economic, and political forces which are in direct correlation with currency prices and can have a great influence on the supply and demand of an asset. Taking it more generally, fundamental analysis presents that if the country’s economic state is strong its currency hereby tends to strengthen. Likely, if there is an increase of a country’s goods and services, or a growth of the number of people wishing to invest there, there arouses need to buy the currency of the given country as to be able to buy its goods or to invest. All these factors cause the increase of the currency, and this consequently causes the currency’s increase in value.

Traders’ opinions on whatever position they take contribute to the formation of overall sentiment of the market.

Sentiment analysis is based on the following overreactions: push prices to higher levels than their true value is, and then overreach in the opposite direction pushing them to levels below the true value. The objective of sentiment analysis is to study what the trader’s decisions for now are, and the immediate future. The volume of trade serves as an indicator that can determine the direction that the weight of trading money is flowing, as well as reveal which the market sentiment is.

As a conclusion we can say that the above mentioned Forex analysis methods are based on specific principles, they complement each other creating a whole system of analysis which in its turn provides successful Forex trade.

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