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گولڈ کا ہفتہ وار تجزیہ
پچھلے ہفتے کے اندازے کا نتیجہ: گولڈ  کا  ڈاؤن کی طرف سفر جاری ہے، پچھلے  ہفتہ کی متوقع  رینج  1323 سے  1273 ڈالر تھی  مگر گولڈمیں توقع سے زیادہ گراوٹ رہی اور   ہائی 1321 اور لو لیول 1243 رہا ۔
اس ہفتے کا دورانیہ:  پیر 10 اکتوبر  تا   جمعہ14  اکتوبر 2016

اس ہفتے بھی گولڈ ڈاؤن کی طرف ہے اور  نارمل رینج 1293$ سے 1226$ کے درمیان متوقع ہے۔
متبادل یہ کہ اوپر کی رینج  1293  توڑنے پر مزید   اوپر 1330 ڈالرتک اور

 نیچے کی رینج  1225 توڑنے پر  مزید   ڈاؤن  1205 ڈالر   تک گراوٹ دے سکتا ہے۔

Gold Weekly Trading

Gold Trading

Gold Weekly Strategy


19 to 23 Oct 2015
Weekly Trend=UP
Weekly Normal Range=1157to1192
1st Buying Area 1157 to 1162
Take Profit Area 1185 to 1192
2nd Buy 1135 to 1145
Both Closed 1160
Stop Loss 1122
1st Selling Area 1190 to 1180
TP 1165 to 1155
2nd Sell 1205 to 1215
Both Closed 1190
SL 1225

How to open a Trading Account?

How to open a Trading Account?
It’s quite easy and convenient. Follow this link, fill in the account opening form and then send our postal address with requied documents.

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Pakistan Gold Rate by Saraf Jewelers Association

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Gold Weekly Technical Strategy

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GOLD Weekly Technical Strategy

( Duration 23 to 27 March 2015)

Gold had pulled back from its important support level at 1142$ level. We saw a bullish engulfing candle on daily chart. After this bullish confirmation, we saw bullish movement on gold. It is near to resistance level at 1195 area. It will be good level for selling gold again. If break this level, we can get bullish continuation on gold to 1215. We will look for successful breakout for further bullish movement on it. But if we find any bearish candle on resistance 1192-1198 area, then we will enter sell again. If we draw fibo, then we can see that 61.8% lies on this resistance. So this will be nice sell set-up from this resistance.

Weekly Trading Levels
Strong Sell  : 1215
Normal Sell : 1195
Take Profit   : 1170
Normal Buy : 1155
Strong Buy  : 1125

(Subscription required for daily, weekly and monthly trading strategy details)
Contact: 0092-344-8322722 Skype:gold.adviser1

GOLD Weekly Technical Analysis

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GOLD Weekly Technical Analysis

( Duration 16 to 20 March 2015)

Gold is now staying on support area. 1130-1150 area is very critical for gold. If it can break this level, then we can expect more down on gold. If it can hold this support area, then it can move up. If we can see any pull back from this support, then we can go for buy. In the H4 chart, we can see pin bar has been formed. Gold is below a down trend line. So if it break in the upside, we can take buy entry.

Weekly Trading Levels
Strong Sell  : 1188
Normal Sell : 1172
Take Profit   : 1160
Normal Buy : 1145
Strong Buy  : 1132

(Subscription required for daily, weekly and monthly trading strategy details)